Who am I?

Born under a tropical sun, enjoying a fresh coconut water under the big palm tree, while listening to the natural sound system of the sea and its waves crashing, am Jeremy, living on what is known to be the little paradise on planet earth, Mauritius Island. Graphic design is my main hobby and it happens to be my job too. I develop concepts and create designs of in various forms; from logo & identity, book and magazine cover, cd packs, packaging, fashion and others.

While doing a BA in Graphic Design at the Charles Telfair Institute, I seize the opportunity to look for working experience. I enjoy two years working as the merchandiser for the brands Quiksilver and Roxy, working on every steps of the production process. Afterwards, I went on to discover new horizon, spending an amazing experience of seven months at Amadeus branding and advertising agency; both as a designer and copywriter, learning a lot from the CEO, Mr. Nanda Pavaday, an award winning copywriter and creative director. I still enjoy new experiences, working in the field of publishing with companies such lexpressproperty.com and others.

I am writing right here as I am actually doing my last unit in Web publishing with a new teacher and new friends who are all wonderful people



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