Behind the curtain

It will be interesting for some but important for others to know more about design, branding, logo and identity.

Nowadays, the design world is so saturated that it is really difficult for people to really know about whom to hire to make the identity of their company! What to consider! Do I really need to pay millions to well-known agencies to be sure am getting somethinh good! And if I do not have that million to pay, will I be left as a ‘timiyon’ (little fish) or are there professional freelancers whom I can hire! How to know that they are giving me the genuine work! In a world where everything is in a rush, where technology is speeding, having some knowledge of logo, identity and branding is a real advantage.  So often, people say that it’s not a topic of their interest. What these latter do not realize is that if tomorrow they want to open a shop, if they want to launch a product; like potato chips or peanuts, if the shop or the product is not visually pleasant and appealing to the target audience, it’s condemn to failure. For some the reactions will surely be, “hey but that’s why I pay a designer!” My answer to those is that they are right. Designers have studied and are paid for that, but it will be for one’s own benefit to understand, to be able to make a judgment of how effective the design is, based on knowledge without mixing feelings and emotions or to just blindly go forward.

The video is an advert made by Macintosh to demonstrate in 1984, to demonstrate its sence of innovation and revolution to empower each an every one. In parallel to the lady in the video, here the aim is to enlighten you as an individual, as an entrepreneur, or as a student, to have the knowledge and to understand what are involved and what is meant by an effective logo and identity. Mr.Steve Jobs once said that design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Annotation of the video:

This is the first and only advertisement that Apple launched in 1984 for the Macintosh. It appeared in the third quarter of the 1984 Super bowl. It is known for having marked the world of advertising.


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