Faceless! Or made whole?

A company which does not have a logo is like a body with no face. You may ask yourself, ‘what is the big deal with a logo?’ Ironically, the logo is a simple form  that helps identify the company or the product.

The logo is not just a form or shape or a design. Actually, the logo aims is to effectively represent the company visually; with no explanation. The logo itself will reflect the characteristics of the company. It is the face of the company or product that is most seen by people; not the director nor the managers and the workers of the company. The logo plays an important and strategic role at the heart of companies and this is why as a designer, I find it as a real honour each time I am engaged to develop the identity of a new company, of a new product, or of a band.


It is fascinating to see how the concept of having a logo, is far from being an innovation of the 20th century. In fact, the logo has been present in various ways; i.e. mark, flag, symbol, signature and icon, since hundreds of years Before Christ. Symbols and signs were present in ancient Greek, Egypt and Italy. ‘Logo’ has also made its way through cultures and religions around the world; in the jungles of Africa, like in the Amazonian forest, in the temples of India, like in the desert of the Middle East.  All the religions in the world; Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto, Judaism, Islam, Christianity and others, have all get their own particular symbol that help us to easily identify them. Nowadays, what is becoming more and more popular are the logo of sports brands and the signs of bands; such as P.O.D, devil hunter and others.

Famous brands like Nike and Adidas has intelligently made use of logo in their branding campaigns throughout the last decades. The swoosh logo of Nike was designed in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson. Her conceptual thinking was to illustrate the wings of the Greek goddess Nike. The swoosh logo has turned on to become a worldwide success that expresses the quintessence of the brand.  While the Three-Stripe logo of Adidas symbolizes performance.

One of the secret behind those successful brands is that they have a logo, with a strong concept that has become their face.

6 thoughts on “Faceless! Or made whole?

    • You know, it depends on the vision and the goals that one has for his company, if one is in search of success, willing to position his/her company at a good level, hiring an agency or a good freelance designer is not an expense but a long term investment.

      • hey but there are so many designers, so many agencies, its difficult to make a choice

  1. Haha, thats true, but you will find the difference. When you look to brands such as Nike, you can see that the designer developed the logo based on a concept. What am trying to tell you is that before being beautiful, the logo needs to be effective, i.e. something that will touch the targeting audience.

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