My first rendez-vous

http://www.visualphotos.comMy first date with Miss.Design was an unexpected screen meeting which happened about 13 years ago. I was only an eleven years old school boy who before this moment never knew and never really thought of what he would ever do in life, what would bring him passion and satisfaction. Despite I never really knew about Miss.Design before that first date, I always had some interest in fashion as my mum had a Prêt-a-Porter.


I would often watch fashion shows on T.V. And one week, sitting down to watch the fashion show, I was surprised to see that there was a reportage that was being broadcast instead. The surprise did not stop there. In fact, I had no idea that the reportage would have had such an effect on my whole life.


The reportage was focus on a German designer whom I never heard of before, but who was well-known in both Germany and New York. He was not like one of those celebrity fashion couturiers; he was more down to earth, a simple man whom everybody in the shops in New York would say hello. He was a modern man designer who was engaged in both fashion and products design. That was the first time that I was discovering such a complete designer. I was really amazed to see how he traveled from EU to USA, from states to states. But above all, what had deeply marked me as a young boy was when he said “to be a giant, one must first get over the shoulders of giants”. From that point, if I wanted to be like this man, I would have to get over the shoulders of many giants for many years. Since then, I started doing research, collecting the creations, the designs of many, taking piece from here and there to make something new. I later choose Art and Design at Higher School level, and to make the dream of my first rendez-vous come true, I went to study it at the university.


We finally end-up as life partners; me and design forever.


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