Robin Hood in the cities

Who said that Robin Hood and his gang were dead!? “Once again, here’s false rumour going around.” According to a letter sent to me by my old friend Sharlock Holmas, everybody in Great Briton fought that Robin Hood and his gang were attacked by lions in the hood, reality is that they have landed in the little island of Mauritius, terrorizing the innocent people like wild lions. Have they come by that big ship from the north-east side, thinking that they would find golden powder!!?? Probably not! But one thing we must all know and feel concern about is that Robin Hood and his gangs have become worst; attacking both the rich and the poor for the sake of themselves. If it happens that you get the millions from the ‘lotto’, only one advice I got for you; either you take it but stay anonymous, continuing to live your normal daily life for a while, so that no one and not even families get to know about your riches, or you simple ignore the win. You may thing that I am joking, but no, am serious and this is a serious issue, as Robin Hood or his gangs could be around, turning your joy of being the new rich guy around into the real nightmare of being a beggar. This week only some of the gangs appeared in a region north of city of Port Louis, their victim was a poor man who happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time. The little Parrot told me that they were two, attacking that poor man to take his only wealth of about 10  Pound Sterling. Meanwhile others were also busy another man in his home in the region of Grand bay, they were no doubt looking for a treasure chest, where they took away this time not 10 but 7500 Pound Sterling. Is the paradise of we the humble becoming their oasis??